Launching as a Progressive Web App ➝

David Heinemeier Hansson:

It’s not a new concept. Google and Microsoft have been trying to push PWAs for years and years, since they both have a strategic interest in the web and avoiding platform lock-in (i.e. dealing with iOS exclusives). But it all remained a bit niche, because the biggest player in native, Apple, wasn’t playing ball.

That finally changed this year. In macOS Sonoma, Safari gained Add to Dock. In iOS and iPadOS 16.4, Safari gained two crucial features: Badge Counting and Web Push Notifications.

The “sweet solution” is actually pretty sweet now. I’m not convinced it will happen because native apps have so much inertia, but I’d love to see apps and services launch as progressive web apps rather than as native apps. If only because you can bypass the gatekeeper and remind everyone how cool the open web can be.

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