Mastodon 3.5 Includes Post Editing and Explore Page ➝

Eugen Rochko:

We’ve added one of the most requested functions among our competitors, the ability to edit posts. Since older Mastodon versions would not understand the edits, the function is disabled in the web app until more Mastodon servers upgrade to 3.5, but all parts are already included in the release. The original and previous versions of the posts are saved and remain accessible through a history view. And people who have previously shared the post get notified about any edits, so they can un-share if there’s foul play.

I’m skeptical. I don’t know if this will actually be a net positive change long term. But it seems to be a logical approach, so I’ll reserve judgement until it’s actually enabled on most instances for a while.

Another addition is the Explore page, which will list trending links, hashtags, and recommended users. It doesn’t seem to be very useful on small instances — the tab listing recommended users is the only one that isn’t empty at the moment. But it looks like it will be a great tool for discoverability on larger instances.

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