Web Developers Form Advocacy Group to Allow Other Browser Engines on iOS ➝

Tim Hardwick, writing for MacRumors:

Apple is being challenged by a group of developers to end WebKit’s dominance on its mobile devices and allow other browser engines on iPhone and iPad, following accusations that the current situation amounts to anti-competitive conduct.

For those unfamiliar with WebKit, Apple’s browser engine powers Safari and other areas of the operating system where web content is displayed. Apple requires all third-party browser apps on iOS and iPadOS to use WebKit, but many browser developers are not happy with the limitations this imposes on them.

The latest pushback comes in the form of “Open Web Advocacy” or OWA, a project launched by UK-based developers who want third-party access to all the features that Safari enjoys but which are not available in WebKit.

One prevailing argument opposing this is that Chrome would become the dominant web browser on iOS in addition to its existing dominance on all other platforms. But the solution to that isn’t to prevent Chrome from existing on iOS or artificially hindering its abilities. The solution is to build better alternatives and convince people to use them.

➝ Source: macrumors.com