Mike Becky

Chris Wiegman: ‘No More Analytics’ ➝

Chris Wiegman:

After 6 months of chasing analytics I’m not using them for anything other than vanity. I check multiple times a day to see who has visited, where numbers are, etc and nothing translates back to the content I’m writing.

This is, to me, the wrong way to do this. As a result I’ve removed analytics from this site entirely for now and will simply continue to focus on the content itself, not on the views that don’t mean anything.

I have analytics on Initial Charge, but check them very rarely. I’m not chasing views anymore. I write because I want to share my thoughts and the exact number of people that read them is inconsequential.

It also doesn’t show a complete picture. Some number of people read this site entirely by RSS and are never counted in the stats. And then, of course, there’s all of the folks using ad blockers that prevent the stats script from even running. I’ll never really know how many people read what I write, but I still think having stats is valuable so I can see more broad trends across longer periods of time.

➝ Source: chriswiegman.com