Mike Becky

The Ratio of Likes to Dislikes Is Useful ➝

Matt Birchler, on the removal of YouTube’s dislike counts:

When I open up a video and see a large proportion of dislikes to likes, that’s almost always an indicator that the video isn’t going to deliver on the promise. Yes, sometimes this is on videos where people are being unfair, but far more often for me are cases where it’s something like a tutorial video that is way too long, doesn’t get to the point, and isn’t worth my time.

A video with 2,000 views, 200 likes, and 10 dislikes is almost certainly good, but a video with 2,000 views, 200 likes, and 200 dislikes is probably pretty bad. After this change rolls out, those videos look the same.

I can’t say I checked the like to dislike ratio very often in this way, but that’s mostly because I just never thought to.

➝ Source: birchtree.me