Reconsidering Your Relationship to Social Media ➝

Scott Banwart:

I have become disillusioned with the state of social media. At one time it was a fun way to connect with people I would otherwise not a have a chance to meet and talk about topics of mutual interest. Now it is largely a breeding ground for tribalism, intolerance, and general meanness. This is making me question why I would want to continue participating in this ecosystem.

I think most of us have reconsidered our relationship with social media. Scott’s a bit more negative than I am on Mastodon, but that could be because he’s been actively using it for a while longer than I have.

I’ve really been digging Mastodon and think that setting up my own instance was a very wise decision. I get to fully control what does and doesn’t touch my instance and am able to provide a place for friends and family to join the Fediverse.

Mastodon feels like the early days of Twitter to me — it feels new, fresh, and exciting. There’s no algorithmic timeline, boneheaded features designed to increase engagement, or “influencers” that are willing to say literally anything to get attention. It’s nice.

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