Unnecessarily Thin ➝

Riccardo Mori, on the new M1 iMacs:

You may say, Sometimes things are just designed to look cool, and that’s okay, I guess. I think it’s a philosophy that works best with objects that aren’t everyday tools, but that’s me.

But even with some past Apple computers where it was clear that the primary purpose of their design was to look different and distinguishable from other PCs (think of the iMac G3 or the first colourful clamshell iBooks, or the Power Mac G3 Blue & White, and the following generations of Power Macs), there was at least one element in that design that made it also practical and smart. A common denominator of all those past Macs I’ve mentioned was their handles. All those machines had smartly integrated handles to lift and move them around. There was more of course, but even this small detail was enough to give their design a certain depth and purpose. These new iMacs are as razor-thin as their design is razor-shallow.

Apple’s hardware designs have been hit and miss for me lately. The new iMac is definitely more in the miss category. I’m just unconvinced that the thinness of the design is worth the compromises necessary to achieve it.

➝ Source: morrick.me