The State of Social Media ➝

Greg Morris:

Twitter and Facebook still feels too much like shouting into the void and waiting for the replies. Many of which never arrive because we all have hundreds of people to follow and simply can’t keep up with it all. Clicking follow on more and more people to give ourselves more and more to look at, for no other reason than ‘that’s just how it’s done’.

Social Media isn’t going anywhere, but some are feeling the same pinch points that I feel and are starting to wonder where to go from here. The answer may be to spread yourself over many things, at least until Social Media becomes more social again.


I’ve started publishing short-form thoughts on a new weblog and syndicating each post to Twitter and/or Instagram. I’ve also been experimenting with and keeping an eye on alternative platforms like — if only so I’m a little more aware of what’s going on outside of the walled gardens.

There’s far more platforms and protocols for publishing than I realized prior to this. And the process of learning about it has been a lot of fun. I only wish there were more of us spreading out and exploring our options.

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