Shortcuts Wishlist ➝

Jordan Merrick:

Shortcuts has gained plenty of features and functionality over the years, especially after Apple’s acquisition of Workflow, but how shortcuts are created and organized has remained almost unchanged since the app first launched back in 2015.

As a result, creating shortcuts like Mocktail is a painstaking and frustrating process. The app simply hasn’t scaled with the increasingly complex uses for shortcuts and the interface is still skewed towards simple shortcuts made up of only a few actions.

After spending what felt like an eternity updating Mocktail, I’ve come up with a wishlist of ten improvements I’d love to see in Shortcuts.

A great list from Jordan here — copying actions, backups/versioning, and the ability to share shortcuts as files are my favorite of the bunch. But I’d add Apple Watch support to the list as well. Specifically the ability to display a shortcut on your Apple Watch Face as a complication, which could be configured per shortcut with a toggle switch next to “Show in Widget” and “Show in Share Sheet”.

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