The 10.2-Inch iPad ➝

I haven’t had a chance to share my thoughts on the new iPad quite yet, I’ve been a bit busy lately — in a good way. But this is some pretty solid updates. A larger 10.2-inch display, Smart Keyboard support, Apple Pencil support, the A10 Fusion chip, and more.

I am disappointed that Apple didn’t announce new iPad Pros as well, I was all geared up and ready to upgrade my aging iPad Air 2. But I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer before I introduce a new iPad into my workflow. Although this new iPad is an excellent option, the prospect of moving another of my devices to USB-C is just too attractive.

I am left wondering why the iPad Air exists, though. This new iPad is so close to the iPad Air in terms of features, power, and screen size, but at a much lower price point. And if you’re interested in a more powerful iPad, the iPad Pro isn’t that much more expensive than the Air. Why would someone purchase an iPad Air when the other options seem so much more enticing?

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