Mike Becky

A Notification Audit ➝

Marius Masalar:

It’s easy to inadvertently dig yourself into a pit of distraction. We install new apps, and we’re excited to use them to their fullest so we accept their terms and grant their permission requests…and suddenly that’s one more thing pinging, beeping, or vibrating our phones during the day.

Over time, this becomes untenable. To their credit, phone manufacturers have generally done a good job of giving us the tools to manage this deluge, but we tend to be bad at actually making use of them.

I’m happy to say that I’ve resisted this behavior on my own devices. I basically refuse to allow notifications from apps unless I have a very good reason to enable them.

But if you’ve been a bit less disciplined, I would recommend you follow in Marius’ footsteps and adjust your notification settings. You’ll be amazed how much peace of mind can be obtained when your device isn’t bugging you with unnecessary beeps, buzzes, and badges throughout the day.