Instapaper Is Going Independent ➝

From Instapaper’s weblog:

Today, we’re announcing that Pinterest has entered into an agreement to transfer ownership of Instapaper to Instant Paper, Inc., a new company owned and operated by the same people who’ve been working on Instapaper since it was sold to betaworks by Marco Arment in 2013. The ownership transfer will occur after a 21 day waiting period designed to give our users fair notice about the change of control with respect to their personal information.

The fact that Instapaper has changed hands so many times over the past five years doesn’t instill confidence in the service’s future. But I would rather Instapaper be independently owned and operated then exist as a subsidiary of Pinterest. I’ve had Instapaper installed on my iPhone for almost as long as the App Store has existed. I want the service to succeed because I use it everyday. And I hope that this change will afford them the freedom necessary to flourish.