Overcast 4.1 ➝

An incredible update to my favorite podcast app. It features Smart Resume, the option to delete episodes 24 hours after completion, and support for some password-protected feeds. If you already use Overcast, get the update now. And if you don’t, this is a great time to consider switching.

I was really excited about support for password-protected feeds. I subscribe to the Wrestling Observer and listen to many of their shows, but the only way to get those episodes into Overcast has been to utilize the premium-only uploads feature. I built a workflow to help with the process, but it’s still tedious. My hopes were high, but upon testing it with the Wrestling Observer’s feeds, it looks like Overcast’s system doesn’t work for the shows I listen to. They must be using some alternative authentication method that Overcast doesn’t support. Maybe that will change in a future update, but until then, I’m stuck using my old process.

Smart Resume, on the other hand, is exactly the type of feature that has kept me using Overcast. Adjusting the seek point to add context and minimize resumes in the middle of words is such a great little detail that subtly improves my listening experience.