What the iPad Could Gain From the Mac ➝

Ryan Christoffel, writing for MacStories:

I made the iPad Pro my primary computer when it first launched in late 2015. The transition pains from Mac to iPad were minimal, and the device has grown even more capable since that time thanks to improvements in iOS. My need for a Mac is now extremely rare.

My desire for a Mac, however, still exists in a few specific use cases. There are things the Mac has to offer that I wish my iPad could replicate.

This is a great list of attainable features for the platform — there’s no reason Apple couldn’t address all of these within the next year or two. Of the items on his list, I think a more diverse hardware lineup is the most important thing for me. I would love to have an iOS device with a larger-than-13-inch display and a Microsoft Surface Studio-like hinge mechanism that’s designed to live on my desk.

But if I was to add one more feature to Ryan’s list, I think support for external storage devices is a must. The iPad and iPhone gained the Files app in iOS 11 and Apple already sells USB and SD card dongles. The next logical step is to make connected SD cards, USB hard drives, and thumb drives available within the Files app alongside iCloud Drive, DropBox, and the like.