Instapaper and Therapeutic Self-Delusion ➝

Matt Hauger:

Apps like Instapaper were supposed to help us read more great online content. Too busy to scroll through that thousand-word thinkpiece? Click a button, and it’s queued up for perusal later on.

But, for me, “later on” never comes. Instapaper is a landfill, where I bury articles—permanently. I currently have 3,366 unread items in my queue. Yes, that’s thirty-three hundred and sixty-six pieces I never came back to read. Some of these date back years and cover topics long since made irrelevant by the passage of time

At some point in the past few months, my Instapaper queue got a little out of control. My unread count has historically floated around 200 or so, but it currently sits at 499. And although my queue is no where near Matt’s, I’m going to start reining it in now to prevent it from growing any further.