The Best Platform for Me ➝

Yours truly, back in April:

What I’ve learned from the iPad over these seven years — an important lesson that everyone in this community should consider — is that it doesn’t matter what the absolute potential of a platform is. It only matters what you are capable of while using it. I think we can all agree that, as of right now, the Mac is able to perform a much wider range of tasks, but if I am capable of more on iOS, isn’t it the better option for me?

The iPad might not be the laptop replacement for everyone, but there’s a growing population of iPad-only or iPad-mostly users that can get their work done on iOS just fine. And some of them, like myself, have found many of the more complicated computing tasks — like scripting or web design — to be easier to grasp on iOS than it ever was on the Mac. You do you and don’t rag on someone else’s platform of choice just because it doesn’t conform to your work style.