The iPad Turnaround Is Coming ➝

Jean-Louis Gassée:

Without fanfare, new iPads were announced last week. There were no changes to the Pro devices, but the standard line was simplified: No more Air, just plain iPads, with a slightly lower $329 starting price (or $309 at the Education store).

This was preceded by a new advertising campaign. Neatly and cleverly done (a matter of opinion of course), the newer iPad ads have a point of view that conjures Apple’s attitude during the early-80’s PC wars […]

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference is just a couple months away; new hardware will emerge in the Fall. Perhaps I ought to stick to predicting the past, but there [are] too many signs pointing to more muscular iPads taking business away from conventional PCs.

The iPad turnaround is coming.

I’m very bullish on the future of the iPad.