Siri Integration Will Be Key Feature in OS X 10.12 ➝

Juli Clover, writing for MacRumors:

Rumors have indicated Siri integration will be one of the key features coming in OS X 10.12, and new screenshots of a Siri menu bar and Siri app icon suggest Apple is indeed working on bringing Siri to the Mac in its 2016 operating system update. The screenshots were shared with MacRumors by a source who has provided us with reliable information about Apple’s software plans in the past.

I’m going to assume that the menu bar icon is a placeholder for now — the word “Siri” inside of a rounded rectangle doesn’t seem at home alongside OS X’s other menu bar icons. As for the dock icon, it’s stunning. I like the waveforms, I like the color scheme, it’s all great.

The biggest mystery with this, though, why has it taken so long? Is it just a simple implementation — working just as it does on iOS — or was Apple waiting until they were able to build something bigger that integrated more deeply into OS X somehow?