Mike Becky

Airmail Adds iPad Support ➝

Federico Viticci, writing for MacStories:

Airmail showed that it was possible to build an email app for power users on mobile devices – asking for a fair price in the process – but I couldn’t switch to it as my full-time client yet.

That’s changing with today’s update to Airmail for iOS, which I’ve been using as my only email client on the iPhone and iPad for the past several weeks. In addition to an iPad app – which mostly follows in the footsteps of its iPhone counterpart in terms of UI and navigation choices – Airmail 1.1 brings powerful new features such as saved searches, customizable keyboard shortcuts, support for send later and read receipts, and more.

I also switched to Airmail on all of my devices after iPad support was added in version 1.1. But I’ve realized that I’m not in love with the app. It’s good and I continue to use it, but only because there isn’t anything better on the market. And I’ve tried everything from Dispatch to Outlook — Airmail is as close to great as I’ve been able to find.