John Moltz Reviews the iPhone SE ➝

John Moltz:

Literally every drawback in feature set is mitigated by being one I don’t care about. The front-facing camera isn’t as good. Don’t care. There’s one fewer row of icons on the home screen. But all that meant for me was moving some apps I don’t use that much anyway to the second page. (To paraphrase Bill Gates, 24 apps should be enough for anyone.) It doesn’t have 3D Touch, which I kind of like. But neither does my iPad and switching back and forth was annoying. I’ll rather both have it or both not. The Touch ID sensor is the slower, first generation one. Yeah, that just means it’s fast instead of insanely fast. The screen size is smaller. That’s what I wanted.

For all the hemming and hawing I did when Apple first introduced the 4.7-inch form factor, I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that the larger size is better for me.

I still love the iPhone 5s — because of its angular edges, the flush camera lense, the ability to reach all four corners of the display without straining my thumb, and more— but I use my iPhone for writing too often.

That’s not to say that you can’t write on a 4-inch display. In fact, my fiancée wrote a great deal of her master’s thesis on her iPhone 5s. But I find my iPhone 6s’ 4.7-inch display to be much more comfortable for writing than the iPhone 5s ever was.

I’m glad that Apple released the iPhone SE and hope they continue releasing 4-inch device’s indefinitely. At this point, I don’t think I’d ever go back to the smaller form factor, but I’m glad that it’s available for those who prefer it.