Mike Becky

Apple Plans Siri for Mac in OS X 10.12 ➝

Mark Gurman, reporting for 9 to 5 Mac:

Apple currently plans to use its next major release of the Mac operating system, known as OS X 10.12, this fall to continue to expand Siri across its product lines. Last year, Apple implemented Siri as cornerstone features of both the Apple Watch and new Apple TV, and for 2016, Siri is planned to finally make its way to the Mac.

I was discussing this on Twitter with Joe Caiati and Keenan Schneider earlier this morning. We came to the conclusion that Apple should just kill Launchpad on OS X and put Siri on the F4 key. Because nobody uses Launchpad.

But perhaps a more rational approach would be for Apple to mimic iOS’ home button functionality with the F4 key — press for Launchpad, hold for Siri.