Mike Becky

Casey Liss Revisits the Apple Watch ➝

Casey and I seem to have pretty similar experiences with the Apple Watch. He primarily uses his for:

  • Checking the time
  • Notifications
  • Weather forecasts
  • Calender events
  • Messaging
  • Controlling audio playback
  • Keeping track of deliveries
  • Daily stand goals

I’ve quickly settled into the same set of tasks. Although, I would add the use of the sunrise/sunset complication and keeping track of to do lists with Clear.

And I couldn’t agree more with his closing paragraph:

Overall, I can think of many ways to spend $400 that may suit someone better than an Apple Watch would. However, I am very glad that I got one, as it really does improve my life, at least a bit.

The Watch isn’t something that anyone needs to own, but in the short time I’ve owned it, I can say that it’s definitely improved my life.