Convergence ➝

David Sparks, writing about Microsoft and Apple’s differing opinions on the future of computing:

I can’t help but think that some of the reason for these contrary positions is software. The tables have turned and Apple has millions of apps on iOS and Microsoft is struggling far behind. Microsoft finds itself pushing a mobile operating system with little software while at the same time maintaining a desktop operating system with an abundance of software. Through convergence, Microsoft gets to leverage that desktop software on to its struggling mobile platform. It’s a bit of bootstrapping and doesn’t really work unless App developers also address the touch interface but from Microsoft’s position it makes sense. Apple on the other hand has the software advantage and no motivation to Frankenstien Mac OS onto iOS.

David finishes the piece with observations about what these decisions could mean for each company in the future. And I think he’s dead-on.

In the short-term, Apple’s clearly in the better position with enormous developer support and a strong user base. Looking further in the future, though, I think both companies will make it through this transitionary phase just fine.