Samantha Bielefeld Introduces Memberships ➝

It has come to light that Samantha Bielefeld is not who she claimed to be. As such, I can no longer endorse her membership program. I’ve addressed the situation on the site and if you’d like a more comprehensive rundown, I encourage you to read Álvaro Serrano’s A Matter of Respect and Michael Anderson’s Samantha Bielefeld is Victor Johnson: The Story.

Preface added November 28, 2015

Samantha Bielefeld:

I am only offering two added benefits (which I will revisit as the number of members increases) to those who decide to become members of my site.

The first is a bi-weekly narrative nonfiction piece, often referred to as long-form journalism, that will span a single topic for several weeks, to months at a time. […] The second is called, ‘Monthly Musings’ and will include a collection of more personal thoughts and opinions, items that are either not suitable for my public facing website, or topics which aren’t expansive enough to warrant a full-length post.

As soon as I heard that the membership page went live, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. And at $3 a month, $8 quarterly, or $30 annually, it’s an incredible value — I encourage everyone to consider becoming a member. Samantha’s written many of the most thought-provoking pieces I’ve read over the past couple of months and I see no signs of her stopping any time soon.