An Afternoon of iPhone 6s Photography

My fiancée and I spent Sunday afternoon at a nearby campground in northern Pennsylvania. We brought lunch — Pudgies pizza, potato chips, and glass-bottled Pepsi, if you’re curious — and ate at a picnic table near the lake. It was a wonderful afternoon where we could just relax and enjoy our surroundings.

While we were there, we took a stroll along the lake and through the campground to survey the beautiful fall colors that have taken over most of the trees. I also saw this as a perfect opportunity to put the iPhone 6s’ camera through its paces (something I didn’t do for my review of the device).

To preface, I wouldn’t really consider myself much of a photography enthusiast — I enjoy taking pictures, but only occasionally and I haven’t spent much time actively improving my abilities. I’m publishing these photographs simply to showcase what the iPhone 6s’ camera is capable of.

First, a couple of notes about taking photos with the iPhone 6s:

  • I thought I was going to just leave Live Photos on all the time, but as it turns out they’re not really that useful for landscape photography (which is what I’m most drawn to). I turned the feature off after my first few shots and will probably keep it that way unless I expect to be taking pictures of people or animals.
  • The slipperiness of the iPhone 6s becomes ever-more apparent when you’re trying to take pictures from a shaking dock. I’ve always been terrified of dropping my device in situations like this, but the 6s’ curved edges make taking photos in percarious locations feel much more dangerous.

I’ve already published some of these photos on Twitter, but those had been cropped and edited with iOS’ built-in tools. The below photos are a collection of my favorites from Sunday afternoon and have been left completely unedited. Of course, the images on this page are at a much lower resolution and have been run through ImageOptim for the sake of page load time, but clicking on each of them will display the original file (I suggest tapping and holding in iOS to open the images in a new tab).

Update 5/16/17: The images on this page are now the full size copies instead of the lower resolution, optimized versions.

Hammond Lake
Maple Tree
Hammond Lake
Maple Trees
Maple Trees
Tall Maple Tree
Maple Leaf

My last few iPhones have been the best cameras I’ve owned. Not just because they’ve been “the one I have with me,” but also because their picture quality had greatly surpassed any digital camera I’ve ever purchased. The iPhone 6s continues this tradition with substantial improvements in every way.