‘I Miss Wii Sports’ ➝

RTLewis, writing on Kinja:

The simplicity of the controls led to Wii Sports’ greatest achievement: the shared social experience. It was Nintendo at its very finest, them being the masters of local multiplayer. And yet, something was different. Those people nailing strike after strike were not your normal Smash Bros buddies. The woman rolling a 300 was your grandmother. Your doubles partner was mom. Never before had a video game brought these different people together.

My fiancée and both of her parents regularly played Wii Sports Resort for about a year during its heyday. My fiancée was never much of a gamer, beyond the few NES cartridges that were handed down to her from a cousin, but her parents never played a video game in their life until the Wii came out. And yet, they were often the ones clamoring to play during our weekly board game night. RTLewis is right, Wii Sports (especially Resort) was really fun.

My fiancée and I started playing our Wii again after I purchased Mario Kart Wii at our local Target. I’ve actually never played a Mario Kart game before, but it was the last copy in the store and I figured I’d give it a go. That was about three weeks ago and we’ve played it 3-4 nights a week since then.

We’ve been having a blast with Mario Kart, but for whatever reason we decided to switch it up a few nights ago and play Wii Sports Resort. We forgot how much fun it was to play 100-pin bowling and now we can’t wait to have her parents over again to reprise our Wii Sports gaming sessions.