Conor McClure on Cardio > Everything ➝

Conor McClure, regarding my comments on the Apple Watch’s focus on cardio workouts:

Strength athletes have always tracked their workouts, but even in 2015, most coaches still recommend simple composition notebooks, because no digital alternative has proven to be comprehensive or reliable enough. I think it’s a stretch to say that “having to input the type of exercise, number of reps, etc. into an application” is “not ideal” for the Apple Watch. It’s entirely plausible (I’d design the app myself if…), and it’d only take one well-designed third party app to get me on board the Apple Watch train.

He further clarifies on Twitter that the Apple Watch would be ideal for tracking strength training workouts and that manually inputing data is the only way to go.

Conor is currently pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and clearly knows his stuff. I, on the other hand, don’t really know that much about fitness.