Mike Becky

Best Buy Accelerating Apple Watch Rollout ➝

Phil Wahba, reporting for Fortune:

The retailer expects to be selling the [Apple Watch], which hit the market in June, at all of its 1,050 big-box stores by the end of September, he added. Initially, Best Buy had planned to have watches in 300 stores by the holiday season. […]

It is currently updating its Apple shop-in-shops at 740 stores, including new fixtures and more display tables for phones, computers, and tablets. The work is already complete at 350 stores, and will be finished at another 170 in time for the key holiday season. He also said that Best Buy will begin selling AppleCare product service and support this quarter, and will start testing out being an authorized service provider at 50 stores.

You’ve got to skate to where the puck is going if you want to have any growth, especially in retail consumer electronics. Ironically, I look forward to the day when I can pop into my local Best Buy to purchase whatever Apple product I need. I would obviously rather go to an Apple Store, but since the closest location is two hours away, I’ll take what I can get.