‘Safari is the New IE’ ➝

Nolan Lawson:

At this point, we in the web community need to come to terms with the fact that Safari has become the new IE. Microsoft is repentant these days, Google is pushing the web as far as it can go, and Mozilla is still being Mozilla. Apple is really the one singer in that barbershop quartet hitting all the sour notes, and it’s time we start talking about it openly instead of tiptoeing around it like we’re going to hurt somebody’s feelings. Apple is the most valuable company in the world; they can afford to take a few punches.

Apple was all-in on web technologies around the time of The Sweet Solution. But, now that so much development time is spent on native applications it’s in Apple’s best interest to focus their efforts on giving those developers the best experience they can. Unfortunately that leaves web developers out in the cold, but hopefully outcry from members of the community like Nolan will encourage them to readjust their strategy and improve their browser in the near-future.