I Don’t Need an Apple Watch, I Want One ➝

I loved this bit by John Gruber’s on the Apple Watch:

It’s about desire, not necessity. Convenience, fun, and style are not needs. They’re wants. And people will gladly pay for what they want. The iPad faced similar misguided criticism. How many times did you hear or read someone say of the iPad, “Why would anyone who already has a phone and a laptop need a iPad?” That was the wrong question, because almost no one needed an iPad. The right question was “Why would someone who has a phone and laptop also want an iPad?”

My thinking about the Apple Watch has slowly changed over time since it was first announced in September of last year. I’ve realized that, as foolish as this sounds, I don’t care as much about what features it has or what it does beyond the obvious. I don’t really know if it needs a “killer app.” Simply displaying the time and a few other bits of information and, more importantly, being an attractive fashion accessory might just be enough.

The Apple Watch isn’t going to drastically change the way I live my life or how I go about my day. But, I want one. I certainly don’t need one — no one does. But, maybe this is the first gadget that I don’t have to justify the existence of — I can own one because I want one and stop trying to find reasons why I have to have it.