Paring Down Your Travel Kit ➝

Ben Brooks:

Originally I was carrying 34 items with me everyday and everywhere I went. Now I am down to 21 items, with many of those taking up less space. Only the battery pack got heavier, but it also holds a lot more power so I call that a wash.

Every year around May or June I take inventory of my travel kit. I do this in preparation of the summer when I usually go on two or three weekend trips to visit family. Over the past few years I’ve been able to cut an item or two each time and this year is no different.

One of the more interesting differences between this year and last is that I should be able to completely remove my MacBook Air from the kit. I currently plan to bring the iPad Air 2 as my only non-iPhone computing device and it feels great. Knowing that I’ll have a lighter bag and less things to take with me is an incredible feeling. I just hope I can find a slimmer bag that better compliments the decrease in objects.