Twitterrific for Apple Watch ➝

From the IconFactory weblog:

Today we are pleased to announce that Twitterrific 5.11 with Apple Watch support is available in the App Store. Ever since we first saw Apple’s new wearable in action, we knew Twitterrific would be a great fit. There are a myriad of compelling features in this update so we wanted to take some time to share a few of them with you.

Twitterrific’s approach to interactions on Apple Watch closely mirrors those of Apple’s built-in apps. The app consists of three parts: the Glance, Recent Activity, and Notifications.

Although Twitterrific isn’t my Twitter client of choice — that honor goes to Tweetbot — I tend to redownload and launch the app from time to time. I like keeping track of where other clients are headed and adding Apple Watch supports seems like the next logical progression for all of them.