Mike Becky

The Star Wars Digital Movie Collection ➝

The films are finally being released digitally for the first time ever, and with plenty of bonus features to boot. They’re up for pre-order today and will be available to view tomorrow. The best deal I’ve seen is from Amazon where you can purchase the entire collection for $89.99. But, if you’d prefer to only purchase your favorites from the series, they are available separately from iTunes for $19.99 each:

I’ve never actually watched any of the Star Wars films — they just weren’t a part of my childhood like they were for so many others. I certainly was aware of them and know enough about them to have a general idea about the story. Many of my friends absolutely loved the movies, but I just never gave them a chance. Now that they are available digitally, I might take this opportunity to finally give them a try.

Update: The entire Star Wars movie collection has also been added to iTunes as a bundle for the $89.99 matching the aforelinked Amazon price.