‘Blogging’ with Twitter and Instapaper ➝

Justin Blanton plans to start publishing the content that would typically end up on his weblog on his Twitter account instead. These tweets will be published in the form of textshots using tools like OneShot and Instapaper.

I’m anxious to see how this works out for Justin. I’ve dipped my toe into the textshots water a time or two and found it to be a fairly friction-free experience (especially with Instapaper’s implementation). But I still don’t expect I’ll be using it too often — given that I already have a place to do that type of publishing and can easily do so from any device I own.

Justin’s decision makes sense, though. He doesn’t spend much time infront of his home computer anymore and his current weblog setup doesn’t allow for him to easily publishing links on his iPhone. Textshots sounds like a great solution for someone in this position. I just hope he finds the time to write a longer piece on Hypertext in a few weeks or months discussing how this experiment went.