Apple Outs Wireless Keyboard Refresh in Online Store ➝

The new keyboard appeared on Apple’s Czech online store and has revised function keys that indicate the addition of backlit keys. Apple has also removed the eject key from the upper-right in favor of a power button, in-line with changes Apple has made to remove optical drives from Macs over the past several years.

Apple’s wireless keyboard hasn’t seen an update since 2007 and feels long overdue for an update — I hope this is it. But, there’s no indication as to whether this update includes the new butterfly mechanisms found on the recently announced MacBook.

When I bought my second Mac in 2008 (a 20-inch iMac) I was always impressed by how similar my MacBook’s keyboard felt when compared to the wireless keyboard for my iMac. It was just a small detail that helped me feel at home whether I was using my desktop or notebook computer — I never felt like I was forced to use the lesser of the two based on my location, they both made for a great typing experience. I really appreciated Apple’s approach in this respect and I hope Apple plans to keep up this tradition with these new keyboards.