Mark Gurman Details Apple’s Upcoming 12-inch MacBook Air ➝

Another great Apple hardware scoop by Mark Gurman — Slimmer design, a USB Type-C port, refined keyboard and trackpad, and several rendered images to illustrate the changes. I think it’s worth mentioning (as John Gruber pointed out), Mark never uses the word “retina” to describe the screen on the new Air.

I hope that the bit about the USB Type-C and headphone jack being the only two ports on the computer is simply a miscommunication. I can understand Apple getting rid of the extra USB port and even the Thunderbolt port — I’ve only ever had one USB device connected to my MacBook at a time and I’ve never used the Tunderbolt port. But, MagSafe would be something I’d miss. I can’t count the number of times my laptop has been saved by that little connector when someone tripped over the power cord.