Joe Caiati’s Thoughts on Mailbox ➝

Regarding the Snooze/Later feature:

I can swipe and be asked when the next time I’d like to be reminded about the email. Options include Later Today, This Evening, Tomorrow, This Weekend, Next Week, In a Month, and Someday (which can be any measure of time). Selecting any of these options will take the email out of my inbox and visually get me to inbox zero. It’s a really clever concept.

I’m patiently waiting to get into Mailbox (currently 712,058th in line) and this is emblematic of the reason why — the folks at Orchestra have taken the time to think about better ways to deal with email. It’s unfortunate that the app is only launching with Gmail support, and therefore can’t be my primary email client, but once IMAP support is added I’ll be moving from Sparrow the first chance I get.