My Expectations

Today at 10:00 AM PT Apple will be holding an event at their company headquarters in Cupertino, CA. Everyone knows what’s going to be announced — the next generation iPhone — but no one really knows what it will look like. There’s expectations that it will feature a better camera, a faster processor, more memory, etc. but none of that matters to me.

I waited in line 6 hours for the first generation iPhone and used it for two years. And, just over two years ago I purchased an iPhone 3GS that I continue to use to this day. The truth is, it doesn’t really matter what Apple announces, I’m going to buy it. Whether the new iPhone is teardrop shaped or looks identical to the iPhone 4, it doesn’t matter. Sure, I might be a little disappointed if there isn’t a design change, but it won’t stop me from buying. As long as Apple keeps pushing their devices forward in some way, I’m always going to buy an iPhone when the time comes.

This could be read as a fanboy’s view of today’s event but it just seems that Apple is so far ahead of the competition that it barely matters if they release a new device at all this year. And, I don’t see anything from the Android or Windows Phone manufacturers that really competes with the iPhone on a meaningful level. The iPhone 4 is just that good.

But truth be told, I haven’t paid as much attention to iPhone rumors over the past few months. I have been quite busy at my day job, but beyond that I just haven’t found any of the rumors to be all that interesting. A better camera sounds good, a new design sounds great, but in the end it won’t affect how I use the device in the slightest. A faster  processor might let me do more with my iPhone in the same amount of time, but it won’t change what I do with the device. I’ll still use it to check the weather, read my Twitter timeline, and listen to podcasts. I am excited about today’s announcements — who doesn’t want a new iPhone — but they aren’t going to be as life changing as many of Apple’s previous announcements have been.

Apple changed the way we think about cell phones, set-top boxes, MP3 players, and notebook computers, there isn’t much left to do but iterate. And, as much as I enjoy the new features I just don’t find hardware iteration as exciting as radically new products.

I guess I meandered my way through this article to say — that although I will be writing about the new iPhone and any other surprise announcements that Apple has to offer — I think it’s time I start focusing more on software again. Software seems to be where the innovation is as of late and It’s been almost 5 months since my last software review. And, I really want to get back on that horse. So expect software reviews in the coming months in both the iOS and Mac OS X variety. I interact with software so much in my day to day life and it’s time I start showcasing some of my favorite apps again.