The Verizon iPhone ➝

This morning, Verizon’s Lowell MacAdam and Apple’s Tim Cook took the stage in New York City to announce the availability of the iPhone 4 on Verizon. The device will be available on February 10 with pre-orders for qualifying Verizon customers starting on February 3.
There are only slight differences between the GSM and CDMA iPhone 4. The Verizon iPhone runs iOS 4.2.5 and features Verizon’s Mobile Hotspot which turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi basestation for up to 5 clients. This Mobile Hotspot feature comes in addition to the iPhone’s current tethering options.

No LTE, no data usage during voice calls, and no announcement on pricing plans yet. But, Apple has  published a Notify Me page on their website where you can sign up for emails regarding the Verizon iPhone. And, if you’d like to read through live coverage of the event I’d suggest Engadget’s liveblog.