Apple Delays White iPhone Until Spring 2011 ➝


Apple Inc said on Tuesday that it would delay release of its eagerly anticipated white iPhone again, this time until next spring.

Originally delayed until July, then the end of the year, and now until next spring. A couple of weeks ago Pocket-lint wrote about a source who told them that the reason for the delay was a color-mismatched home button. But, Cult of Mac’s Leander Kahney has a new explanation:

The white iPhone 4 can’t take accurate photographs. The handset’s semi-translucent glass case leaks light in, ruining pictures taken with the internal camera, especially when the built-in flash is used.

Leander Kahney’s source says that Apple may need to completely redesign the device in order to fix the problem, if this is true then Apple may never release the white iPhone 4 and simply completely shift focus towards the iPhone 5.