Uninstalling Xcode

This has happened several times over the last four years. Whether it be to get an iOS beta to sync in a friendly manner with iTunes or it’s one of those brief periods of time where I want to learn how to code, I install Xcode on my system.

After a few weeks with the Developer folder left untouched I decide to uninstall the tools but inevitably I forget how to do it and where to find out how (inside the included “About Xcode” PDF). After a bit of Google searching I always find the answer but in order to save myself a little trouble (and maybe save some of you the trouble as well) the Terminal command to uninstall Xcode is as follows:

sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools --mode=all

And for anyone who might ask, yes after running the uninstall script you can delete the Developer folder. But, I suggest performing a reboot before doing so.