Fever API Public Beta ➝

Last week Fever was updated to version 1.14 and with it came the introduction of an API. The API is currently in public beta and supports basic syncing and consuming of content. A future update will allow for adding, editing, and deleting feeds and groups.

I’m incredibly glad that Fever’s developer, Shaun Inman, has decided to build an API for Fever. I quit using Google Reader last summer and have only looked back briefly (simply to test out Reeder). I enjoy using Fever and specifically hope that the developer of Reeder decides to support it in the near future.

I know of one developer who is already working on an app that makes use of Fever’s API. James Finley is working with a friend on an application for the iPad called “Ashes.” He’s published a few teaser images of the app on his Dribbble account and it looks great. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.