Google Buzz ➝

Jesper of Waffle Software writes this regarding Google Buzz:

One of the things I hate about Gmail is that it tries to leverage synergies. Not across the enterprise, mind you, but always across my address book. The address book that it stuck everyone you ever exchanged emails with on. The address book that suddenly saw your stupid status messages and cluttered your buddy list. And now the address book that automatically hooks together everyone’s intertubular facetweets into one big list and sticks it in your face.

Jesper is exactly right, and this is precisely the reason I’m beginning to dislike Google. I don’t have a problem with them introducing Buzz. But, when it’s force feed to Gmail users the way it has been, that’s when I start to get ticked off. Email is inherently a private communication tool and it doesn’t make sense for Google to duct tape a public broadcasting feature onto it.

Feature creep is why I stopped using Google Reader. Google Reader doesn’t even feel like a reader anymore — what exactly is the difference between “starring” and “liking” an item? And, why does “share” and “share with note” have to be two separate buttons?

Luckily Buzz is much easier to disable then it was at launch. But, this doesn’t make up for the terrible job Google did at launching the product. And, their excuse of under-testing is absolutely ridiculous. Google has thousands of engineers and developers, not to mention a labs section in Gmail that could have easily housed Buzz until it was ready for prime time.

Google made the decision to launch Buzz immediately hooking directly into Gmail. If they didn’t expect backlash they were as ignorant as they come.