Ephemera ➝

I Came across Ephemera recently and as I said on Twitter, it blew my mind.

Ephemera is one of those applications that does one thing incredibly well. Ephemera syncs your saved items in Instapaper with your e-book reader. I’ve been using it with my Kindle but it will also work with Sony’s e-readers and pretty much any other device that is capable of reading HTML, Mobipocket or EPUB files.

Set up is simple, just give Ephemera your Instapaper credentials and you’re all set. Ephemera defaults to creating HTML files for each unread item, but you can also have the option to use Mobipocket or EPUB format which will sync your most recent 20 articles in one single file.

I’m currently using the Mobipocket format but Ephemera has a really neat feature when you’re using HTML files. When using the HTML format whenever an article is deleted from your e-reader it is automatically archived in Instapaper the next time you sync your device.

The app was already good enough but the next couple of options is what really got me excited: “automatically sync after connecting” and “disconnect after syncing.” I have both of them checked, now when I plug in my Kindle Ephemera grabs the latest 20 articles from Instapaper, transfers them to my Kindle, and disconnects. Absolutely perfect.