VLC is Looking for Mac Developers ➝

Rémi Denis-Courmont writing on The VideoLan Forums:

There are now effectively zero active developers for MacOS. […] If it goes on like this, MacOS support may be discontinued as of VLC 1.1.0. There is nobody to make the necessary updates to the MacOS support code, for instance to support the new VLC video output architecture.

Rémi says that the 64-bit releases of VLC for Mac have been put on hold and with the VLC development learning curve the way it is, the situation is critical.

This is sad news. Although I usually use Perian for all my oddball video formats, I always have a copy of VLC on my hard drive for those extra finicky video files.

I wonder what the folks over at HandBrake think about this, since it now uses VLC to decrypt DVDs.

HandBrake 0.9.4 Released

Update 12/26/09: It seems as though the reports of VLC’s death were unfounded. From the team wiki:

VLC for Mac is being maintained. However the old Cocoa graphical interface of VLC, is not being maintained at this time. The reason is that we are in the process of rewriting a new interface for VLC. Its codename is Lunettes. Why a rewrite? This is something really easy to see. VLC for Mac is just not “Mac” enough.