Mike Becky

The CrunchPad’s Bizarre Ending ➝


Michael Arrington says that he and his team got screwed by Fusion Garage just a few days before they planned to debut the device. Fusion Garage wants to cut Arrington out completely and sell the device themselves.

Arrington’s team plans on filing multiple lawsuits against Fusion Garage and he hopes that “the legal system will work it all out over time.”

It seems that James Kendrick was right when he claimed back in April that the CrunchPad “may not ever appear on the market.” His reasoning was incorrect though, Arrington did have everything in line, until he was screwed by his manufacturing partner.

The CrunchPad is dead. I never planned on buy it, but I’m still a little disappointed.

The Current State of the CrunchPad
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Update 12/4/09: Fusion Garage Will Reveal CrunchPad Details This Monday

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