webOS 1.3.1 Does Not Enable iTunes Syncing ➝

Michael Bettiol regarding webOS 1.3.1:

Sitting pretty at 126MB, some very useful changes have been made apart from the usual bug fixes. iTunes is not supported, but Synergy now includes Yahoo! contact and calendar sync while Sprint users now have Yahoo! IM. Forwarding and copying of a single SMS/IM message is now a go as is the ability to set unique ringtones for new messages while videos shot in widescreen are no longer automatically panned and scanned

I’m really hoping that Palm has finally given up on iTunes syncing. Apple never would, and for Palm’s customer’s sake, I hope this cat and mouse game doesn’t have to continue. Palm needs to do what they should have done months ago, release a standalone application that syncs media between iTunes and webOS devices.

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