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I’ve spent about a week with the Mighty Mouse and I like it a lot, but it’s not without faults. Although the Magic Mouse’s scrolling capabilities have been significantly improved over the Mighty Mouse, I really miss the extras buttons.

With my Mighty Mouse I took advantage of the middle click button by assigning Expose all windows to it. When I had multiple windows open and wanted to switch to one that was hidden I could hit the middle button and switch to it. Not having to put my other hand on the keyboard to use command+tab saved me a lot of time.

I didn’t use the Mighty Mouse’s side buttons much but they were really handy, I had it assigned to Expose show desktop.

But, even with the missing features, the Magic Mouse is still the best mouse I’ve ever owned. The momentum scrolling is the smartest feature Apple has ever added to a mouse and the double swipe for forward and back in my browser makes navigate the web significantly faster.

The mouse feels good in your hand, it’s heavier than you’d think it is but it is still feels lighter than the wireless Mighty Mouse. At first the lower profile felt very strange, I was worried that using it for long periods of time would cause more wrist pain than other mice. But, I was pleasantly surprised, I haven’t experienced any pain at all.

The multi-touch gestures on the Magic Mouse are a little limited and although it would be possible for Apple to add more gestures in the future, I don’t really expect them to.

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