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Palm Pixi Coming November 15 for $99.99 ➝

Palm Pixi Face

Palm has announced that the Palm Pixi will be coming to Sprint on November 15 for $99.99. This was the expected price and not a surprise at all.

However, the expectation of a $100 price point was made back when the Palm Pre was going for $150-200. Currently you can purchase the Palm Pre from Wal-Mart, with Wi-Fi and a faster processor for $99.99.

I guess I don’t understand this decision.

The Palm Pixi
6/12/09: Palm Eos/Pixie Confirmed in Pre Code

Update 11/12/09: The Boy Genius has managed to (as usual) get some unboxing pictures of the Palm Pixi before its release. The device is packaged very similar to the iPhone, although I think the plastic tray it sits in looks a little chintzy.

Also, if you’re planning on purchasing a Palm Pixi, Walmart’s wireless partner, LetsTalk, has the Palm Pixi available for $29.99.