Mike Becky

iTunes 9.0.2 ➝

iTunes 9.0.2 Update

Apple has released iTunes 9.0.2 to software update. This new version adds support for Apple TV 3.0 and an option to use the dark background in grid view.

I’m really happy to see that Apple has brought back the dark background for grid view. I hated the whitish one, it just looked terrible.

And yes, Pre syncing has been blocked again. This cat and mouse game likely isn’t going to end until Palm either finds a way to do it where Apple can’t block it or Palm finally gives up. I’m actually surprised that Palm hasn’t released a stand-alone syncing tool yet, even just as a way of letting users continue to sync their devices until Palm finds a fix to Apple’s blocks.

6/17/09: Apple Posts Knowledge Base Article Regarding Pre iTunes Syncing
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Update 10/30/09: Apple TV 3.0 Software Update

Update 11/18/09: webOS 1.3.1 Does Not Enable iTunes Syncing